When you meet a St. Louis Casino & Poker Rentals casino dealer you are sure to be impressed. Our company only hires the most qualified and enthusiastic employees because we pride ourselves on providing the very best casino experience possible to each of our guests. One of our top dealers, Girard, is a casino dealing veteran. Prior to being hired as a St. Louis Casino & Poker Rental dealer he was a Table Games Supervisor at the President Casino St. Louis Riverfront Casino, where he managed over 15 tables and dealers. No matter what game, you’ll never find him without a smile on his face and a helping hand.

When I heard about St. Louis Casino & Poker Rental I thought what I had heard about the company was too good to be true, but I was wrong! I could not believe how helpful and organized the staff members were when working with me to my plan my casino event. I would highly recommend St. Louis Casino & Poker Rental to anyone who is interested in having a casino event that is non-stop fun!

Cheryl Baldocchi

The Chicago Casino and Poker Rentals Difference

St. Louis Casino & Poker Rentals is a full service, all-inclusive casino event provider. We offer the equipment and staff needed to ensure the smooth operation of your next affair.

The outstanding quality of our casino party equipment is what sets our company apart from the competition. We offer the very best casino equipment in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Our wide selection of casino-grade equipment includes; Poker Tables, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slot Machines, Money Wheels, Let it Ride Rentals, and Pai Gow Poker Rentals. Each piece of casino equipment includes double-padded leather armrests, wooden bases, and high quality wool felts.